Couple Accidentally Fatally Gas Themselves

A Taumaranui couple found dead in their home had inadvertently gassed themselves, a post mortem has found.

US FDA Finds Dental Mercury Safe

The United States Food and Drug Administration has released their findings regarding mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Auckland Man Illegally Imports Tarantulas

An Auckland spider enthusiast has been fined for trying to import seven orange tarantulas from the Philippines.

Whakanuia Te Wiki o te Reo Maaori 2009!

Maaori Language week runs this year from 27 July to 2 August, the theme for 2009 is "Te Reo i te Hapori - Maaori Language in the Community".

Chlorine Leak Hospitalises One

One person has been taken to hospital and 50 others evacuated from the Takapuna Aquatic Centre following a chlorine leak last week.

Women Arrested Carrying Heroin Internally

A 32-year-old South African woman has been charged with importing heroin into Australia.

Toddler Dies After Swallowing Button Battery

A 2-year-old American girl has died following ingesting a button battery from an electronic game.

Girls Consume Poison After Failing Exams

Three Indian girls have died, and one is in a critical condition after taking "Sulphas" tablets. The girls were apparently dejected after failing their year 10 exams.

Kansas Zoo Serves Poison Instead of Sno-Cones

Four zoo patrons became unwell after a zoo employee confused a cleaning agent with "blue raspberry" sno-cone flavouring. The bottles were very similar.

Aniline Gas Poisons Factory Workers

More than 1,000 workers in China fell ill after inhaling what is suspected to be aniline gas from a neighbouring factory.

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