White Tailed Spiders - Not Venomous

A recent New Zealand Medical Journal article co-authored by Poisons Centre staff has debunked the popular myth that White Tailed Spiders (Lampona cylindrata) are venomous.

Deaths Prompt Cold Medicine Review

Medicines regulator Medsafe is to review guidelines around cough and cold medicines following reports some over-the-counter remedies have harmed or killed British children.

Warning Regarding Karaka Trees

Auckland City Council is warning parents and pet owners about the dangers of Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus). Karaka is very toxic, especially the fruit or hard kernel inside.

Bridge Workers Exposed to Lead Poisoning

Several workers on the Auckland Harbour Bridge were poisoned last year after inhaling lead-based paint dust.

Man Charged Over Toxic Honey

A hobby beekeeper in Whangamata has been charged with selling food unfit for human consumption after 22 people were poisoned with tutin-contaminated honey last year.

Pollution Causes Cadmium Poisoning in Thailand

Farmers whose rice farms are close to a local zinc mining operator and a mine development firm are demanding compensation after pollution contaminated their crops with cadmium.

Blowfish Poisoning Sends 7 to Hospital

Seven diners who ate a Japanese delicacy of blowfish testicles were hospitalised after developing trouble breathing, paralysis and respiratory failure. Two men are still in a serious condition.

Actor Withdraws From Play Due to Mercury Poisoning

Actor Jeremy Piven has withdrawn from the Broadway play Speed-the-Plow, as a result of mercury poisoning he says he developed from eating too much sushi.

Shellfish Warning for Bay of Islands

Shellfish collected from the southern Bay of Islands have tested positive for the toxin Paralytic Shellfish Toxin.

Chemical Cannabis Found in New Party Drugs

Products sold as "herbal" cannabis substitutes such as "Spice", "Dream" or "Yucatan Fire" have been found to contain the chemical compound JWH-018, an ingredient not listed on the label.

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