Introducing – an early warning system for dangerous drugs

1 July 2020 - is the home of Drug Information and Alert Aotearoa New Zealand (DIANZ), an early warning system for dangerous drugs. DIANZ consists of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Customs Service and Police, and is supported by a network of health professionals and social services, all working together to reduce drug related harm.

A core function of DIANZ is to gather and analyse data from a variety of sources, in order to monitor drug trends, and then issue alerts and notifications when something is identified that poses significant harm to people who use drugs.

The ‘High Alert’ website publishes these alerts, and general harm reduction information for people who use drugs, health practitioners, and the general public. It also allows people who use drugs to report unexpected or concerning effects from drug use, with no risk of prosecution.

High Alert will be keeping an eye on drug trends, and will issue alerts if something is identified that can cause serious harm. You can also report any unexpected effects from drugs, which will help keep others safe. 

Visit to find out more and sign up for alerts.

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