Toddler shoves battery up nose

An Invercargill mother is warning parents of the dangers of light-up magnetic badges after her toddler shoved a seven-millimetre button battery up his nose.

The battery began to corrode.

The high-powered battery in the badge also used in hearing aids, watches, toys, singing greeting cards and flashing jewellery is being looked at by the Consumer Affairs Ministry because of potential risks for children who swallow or insert the batteries.

Lisa Taylor said she was making lunch on Monday when Harrison, 20 months, came out of the living room, pulled her finger towards his nose and said "up".

"As soon as I looked up his nose, I knew what it was."

A light-up magnetic badge of a motorbike, bought at Toyworld in Dunedin the month before, had been pulled apart to remove the battery, Mrs Taylor said. She put the badge back in the toy box in the living room, unaware the badge had a second battery, which Harrison somehow retrieved.

She tried to dislodge the battery herself by getting him to blow his nose, but the task was impossible.

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