Would you like to share your story?

We all like to think ‘it’ won’t happen – but it does.  That moment when you discover your child has ingested something they shouldn’t have or realising you accidently took the wrong medication.   

Would you like to share your experience or tell your personal story?

Whether you called us about yourself, a family member or a friend, share your story and help us to spread the poison prevention message.

You can share your story with just the team here at the Poisons Centre so that we can all learn from it together.  Or you can let us share your story more widely (we promise not to use your name) so that others are encouraged to call us and won’t feel embarrassed that ‘it’ happened to them too.  Your personal story can be a powerful one.

Use the Contact page here to send us your story (please put the words "My Story" in the subject box).  We will then contact you about your story and ask how you would like to share it.