My House is Poison-Proofed! – The Garden Shed & Chemicals

Print off & complete this checklist in order to ensure that your garage/garden shed & chemicals are "poison-proofed". Don't be afraid to get down on your hands and knees to get a child's perspective.

Identify all the potential poisons in your garage

  • Petrol & Solvents
  • Pesticides & Herbicides
  • Pool chemicals
  • Paints
  • Fertilisers & Potting Mix

There may also be rodenticides, radiator additives e.g. antifreeze, fuel additives, mould removers & heavy duty outdoor cleaners, and possibly many others


__ Are they all in their original containers?

__ Do the containers have clear and legible labels detailing the name and ingredients

__ Do the containers have child-resistant closures that have been put back on correctly?

__ Are you familiar with the product use, personal protection & safety recommendations, storage directions and follow these every time you use the product?

__ Put all chemicals out of reach and out of sight in a high, locked cupboard with a child safety latch, or up high in a locked garden shed

__ Keep children away during use of any chemicals and ensure any chemical is used and diluted appropriately. Clean up any chemical spills immediately

__ Remember to put away immediately after each & every use, including in between each application or dilution of the product for use

__Ensure that no chemical is ever stored in cups, glasses or drink bottles, even temporarily during use

__ Are all chemicals current & required? Clean out the chemical storage area regularly, and dispose of unidentified, out-of-date or unwanted chemicals, or their empty containers appropriately, & ensure the trash can has a firmly attached lid

__If ant or mouse bait needs to be laid, use a container designed to restrict access by children, and remove the bait as soon as the purpose has been achieved.

The Next Step

__ Have the National Poison Centre phone number 0800 Poison (764 766) next to every phone in your home

__ Learn what to expect when calling the poison centre: Calling the NPC

Now that your Garden Shed is poison-proof, now let's choose another room and move on:
Kitchen & Household Products
Bathroom & Medicines
Laundry & Bleaches/cleaners

By checking off this list, you've made a great start to minimising the risk of poisoning in your bathroom - Don't be complacent though - Review this list on a regular basis, as situations can change quickly, when children are growing and learning so quickly. Always be poison-aware, especially when you visit other houses or visitors come to stay. Children act fast and so do poisons!