My House is Poison-Proofed! – Laundry & Bleaches/Cleaners

Print off & complete this checklist in order to ensure that your laundry & bleaches/cleaners are "poison-proofed". Don't be afraid to get down on your hands and knees to get a child's perspective.

Identify all the potential poisons in your Laundry

  • Bleaches & Nappy treatments
  • Soaps & Detergents
  • Fabric Softener
  • Household Cleaners

There may also be ammonia, fabric dyes, odour removers, air fresheners, pot plant food, and possibly many others

Laundry Products

__ Remove laundry products from easily accessible places such as beside the washing machine or under the sink

__ Are they all in their original containers?

__ Do the containers have clear and legible labels detailing the name and ingredients

__ Do the containers have child-resistant closures that have been put back on correctly?

__ Ensure laundry products are properly dissolved during use, and the correct amount is used

__ Rinse & dispose of empty laundry product containers, including ensuring the trash can has a firmly attached lid

__ Do not leave clothes or nappies soaking in a open bucket without a lid

__Put all laundry products out of reach and sight in a high, locked cupboard with a child safety latch.

__Remember to put away immediately after each & every use, including in between washes!

The Next Step

__ Have the National Poison Centre phone number 0800 Poison (764 766) next to every phone in your home

__ Learn what to expect when calling the Poisons Centre Calling the NPC

Follow these guidelines for any bleaches/cleaners found in other rooms - such as the kitchen or garage.

Identify anything else in the laundry that is also found in other rooms, such as the kitchen and follow those appropriate guidelines too

Now that your Laundry is poison-proof, now let's choose another room and move on:
Kitchen & Household Products
Bathroom & Medicines
The Garden Shed & Chemicals

By checking off this list, you've made a great start to minimising the risk of poisoning in your bathroom - Don't be complacent though - Review this list on a regular basis, as situations can change quickly, when children are growing and learning so quickly. Always be poison-aware, especially when you visit other houses or visitors come to stay. Children act fast and so do poisons!